Justin Yu Student and Researcher Resume

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🗓 June—August 2015

Project Link: https://github.com/justinvyu/juxt

Technologies Used

Swift, Parse, Facebook Login/Share API


Feed 👏

See what other people are making. Share and like posts!

Project Timeline ⏰

Keep track of your own hobby project using the timeline (with descriptions, dates, and a visual snapshot of what happened).

See the Progress 🌚🌝

Compare your project at any two stages in its timeline! Swipe up and down on the left and right to choose which images to stitch together.


This is the app I made and published to the App Store during my time at Make School Summer Academy in 2015!

The app is mainly targeted toward hobbyists who want to share their side projects with other people. It provides an easy user interface to track a project’s timeline and see before-and-after pictures as the project progresses. But the app can be used for other things too, like tracking the progress of a house being remodeled.