Justin Yu Student and Researcher Resume

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Los Altos Hacks Tech

🗓 2016—2018

Project Links: 2018, 2017, 2016

Technologies Used

HTML, CSS, Javascript


Los Altos Hacks III

@ Juniper Networks

Los Altos Hacks II

@ Evernote

Los Altos Hacks

@ Microsoft


Los Altos Hacks is a student-run annual high school hackathon open to everyone, especially beginner hackers!

I was the Tech Director for Los Altos Hacks for 3 years (2016-2018). Each year, the organizing team consisted of three main branches: (1) sponsorship, (2) tech, and (3) operations. For the tech team, I managed a group of ~6 people to build the website each year, as well as any miscellaneous tech that is needed at the event.

For Los Altos Hacks III, my team and I created a check-in iOS app that allowed organizers to check hackers in at the beginning of the hackathon, for meals, and for raffles/prizes. To do this, I ordered nametags for each hacker, which would be attached to a QR code with a unique hacker ID.


These were given to each hacker/mentor/sponsor/organizer, with their name, school, and a unique QR code.


Juniper Aspiration Dome (Los Altos Hacks III)


Personal Site Workshop (Los Altos Hacks II)